Rondo Commemorative Plaza

Restoring the Hope & Pride of Rondo

To capture the memory of the Rondo neighborhood, RAI is designing and constructing the Rondo Commemorative Plaza (RCP). This project will transform a vacant plot of land into a focal point for local history, and is intended to be a launching pad for a visitor’s broader and deeper connection to the neighborhood’s past and present while considering what is in store for the future.  The project will also include a digital space with photos and maps that enable visitors to walk through the old streets of Rondo, learning about people, places, and events. On-site terminals will encourage visitors to submit their own stories allowing our existing base of stories to continuously expand. Access to on-site technology will offer links to our project partners and collaborators – other social, historic, and economic groups working to build cross-cultural connections and understanding to promote the history and health of Rondo and Summit-University.

The Plaza can help all Minnesotan’s remember, and by remembering, we create a space that stimulates dialogue that fosters a spirit of reconciliation and healing. Ultimately, the Plaza is a place of meaning, of memory, of reflection, of laughter, and of hope. It is a a beacon that reminds us of what we were; what challenges we still face; and point us towards what we can become

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