MCASA Townhomes

MCASA Townhomes
Location: St Paul, MN
Completion date: Unbuilt
Budget: $ 3 Million

The client, MCASA, is a collaboration between two important, local, nonprofit
organizations (Model Cities and Aurora-St Anthony Neighborhood
Development Corporation) committed to providing affordable, home-ownership
opportunities for under-served urban populations.

The MCASA Townhomes are an ownership housing component of the larger
Old Home Plaza redevelopment project—a dense, full block, urban infill
site which adaptively reuses an historical, Art Deco structure and a new
community-scaled retail building with rental housing above. Old Home Plaza
and MCASA Townhomes wrap around a shared green space that will act as
the center of the site’s comprehensive stormwater management system and
will become a hub of seasonal, outdoor community activity (farmers market,
art shows, jazz festivals, etc). The project is located on University Avenue
along the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit route—immediately adjacent to the
Western Avenue station.

Professional Practice